8.5" x 11", mixed page size, 40 pages
Co-designer: Aiden Symes

A catalog designed for the Occupancies exhibition at the Boston University Art Galleries.

Occupancies explores how individual and collective bodies create, negotiate, and inhabit space. Conceived as a response to the current political climate and to forms of personal resistance against systemic injustices, Occupancies assembles emerging and mid-career artists who use or imitate the physical body as a politicized site to forefront ideas of agency and visibility.

In response to the themes of the exhibition, the catalog divides image from typography with the use of page size and paper stock. The image booklet features printer marks in response to the do-it-yourself nature of the exhibition. The two booklets are ultimately bound together  with staples, alluding to punk and zine culture as another form of resistance. The pages were printed with Xerox machines and bound by hand.